spring things

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    Hi there. I have been a bit absent here! I think I could blog everyday with a little something about the garden, but I am trying not to completely flood the blog with garden talk 🙂 Life has … Continued

planet earth

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Happy Earth Day! I love this beautiful planet so much it makes my heart ache, puts a lump in my throat… and if you really get me going it brings tears to my eyes.

a few things

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+ One of a kind pencil case here + Reaching for the light, and too pretty to ignore + New / revised tote coming to the shop soon   It’s pouring rain here and rather stormy today. This is the … Continued


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It’s hard to believe it’s already Friday! These days have been so full, time seems to be just racing by. I have a lot to accomplish today, and then I am looking forward to a little time off this weekend … Continued

love letters

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You can’t keep your hands off me, like we’re in silly new love ♥ We hold hands, and bring smiles to strangers when they see our happiness together.   tiny letters, to my love ♥

a few things

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+ Tiny peek of a baby gift I recently made (and gave). + Feeling a new fondness for coral pink. + My ongoing love for turquoise and all of it’s related watery blue greens seems only to be increasing as … Continued

wild and free

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It’s been beautiful here for days and days. This weekend we hit the road to do some exploring in the wild. There are endless nearby options for getting out in nature, which is one of things I love so much … Continued