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  moving through a thousand shades of green, we let go in that quiet space, between the water’s edge and a human dream

clear blue

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The sky was blue, and the air was warm, and the water looked so calm. It was the perfect day for paddling. We made our way through the lily pads, along reeds and grasses and then out into the deep … Continued

late summer

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I am feeling the tug of autumn… a crispness in the morning and evening air, a depth and a length in the light and the sounds of the days, a change in the color of the maple trees’ leaf tips… … Continued


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Awake with the birds, watching the sun rise on the lake, feeling the gentle warmth of the early morning air on my skin… a sense of timelessness and slowing down, even in the busy pace of a full day… the … Continued


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            A few snaps from around here lately. And right now, I am… resting a bit, after a long productive day (that started at 4am. Wish I could do this every day, ha!). feeling the … Continued

side by side

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Sweeties. Restful day for deer today. The mamas are looking super pregnant. Should be new tiny babies soon. I’ve been too busy to sit down and blog lately, but am looking forward to sharing about a few things soon – … Continued