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+ One of a kind pencil case here

+ Reaching for the light, and too pretty to ignore

+ New / revised tote coming to the shop soon


It’s pouring rain here and rather stormy today. This is the most rain we have had in a long while! I am worrying about my peas, which I put out last week, hoping the slugs aren’t going hog wild on them. They can do so much damage in so little time. When the rain lets up a little I’m going out to check.

I’ve been working on some new bags and am getting closer to completing some. It’s been hard to make the time for new work for quite a while. I have a lot of projects started though, and it feels like the wheels have really started turning this week. It feels great, and creates a fresh excitement around going to work each day. Heading up there now to finish up some orders before the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend friends, rain or shine. Be back soon…

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  1. fibreandspice

    Love this! I keep wanting to put a small pencil case in my purse so my pens don’t accidentally mark up the inside of my purse, but keep forgetting. This would be perfect!

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