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Have a great weekend! It’s been raining here for a couple days – finally enough to provide a true, quenching soak after a very dry spring. It’s supposed to clear up just in time for my birthday this weekend, and … Continued


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A few more hours this evening and then it’s  time to put the week’s work aside for a bit, and slide into an easier pace. I’m looking forward to upping my guitar practice with a new app Steven found, tinkering … Continued

the speed of now

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This weekend was a celebration of my arrival on earth, and we spent it enjoying all things earthly, in nature. We spent much of the weekend in and near the water, kayaking, swimming, picnicking. We watched a pair of baby … Continued


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It’s hard to believe it’s already Friday! These days have been so full, time seems to be just racing by. I have a lot to accomplish today, and then I am looking forward to a little time off this weekend … Continued


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It was a working weekend, though I still made sure to include some time off. Saturday has become a day where we catch up on cleaning and organizing, watering plants, and starting little projects that got pushed aside during the … Continued


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+ An order of wrap wallets, wrapped up in tissue + We had a little photo shoot today. The dark olive rucksack is coming back soon. + Some garden pickings from this morning. + Textiles from the archives of my … Continued


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tiny sculpture made of pine cone scales, wire and driftwood (not made by me) Just came to wish you all a great weekend. It will be a working weekend for me, but I am going to enjoy it! See you … Continued