wild and free

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It’s been beautiful here for days and days. This weekend we hit the road to do some exploring in the wild. There are endless nearby options for getting out in nature, which is one of things I love so much about where we live.

sjetty_1We drove for a while, appreciating the colors of the winter landscape in the sunshine, until we couldn’t wait any longer to be out on foot.

sjetty_3This lake is part of a large wetland, situated in the low lying areas of the surrounding dunes. It’s a great place for birdwatching and would be a peaceful spot for a private picnic.

sjetty_diptych_0The contrast of thick green woodlands and sparse, wide open dunescapes is dramatic, and you can easily transition from one terrain to the other in just a few steps.

sjetty_6In the distance is the Siuslaw River, emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

sjetty_7It is easy to feel small in such an impressive, expansive, pristine natural space. I love that feeling.

sjetty_8The sky has been so vividly blue.

sjetty_9bIn the warmth of the sunshine, we peeled off extra layers and packed them away in our day pack.

sjetty_9cWe saw many animal tracks in the sand. Wondered if these were coyote.

sjetty_9I love this place. So wild and free.

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  1. heather

    Thanks again for sharing some of your beautiful part of the world. It’s always such a treat. I’m pretty sure those are coyote prints, since the pads are more egg shaped. (dogs are more rounded.)

    And, also want to let you know my daughter LOVES her new pencil case!

    Happy New Year,

    • abby

      Thanks Heather! That’s great to know your daughter is loving her case, and I’m glad you enjoy the photos. Thanks for the tip on the coyote tracks.

  2. natalie

    wow, it almost seems unreal to me that someone could live in such a beautiful place close to the water. so so beautiful, abby!

  3. Denise

    I couldn’t agree more about your nature sentiments – we’ve been hiking almost every weekend and I have to say – it’s beats a gym/fitness center any day. I am envious though of that blue sky – Seattle has been so fogged in for days straight.

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