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Hi there. I have been a bit absent here! I think I could blog everyday with a little something about the garden, but I am trying not to completely flood the blog with garden talk šŸ™‚ Life has become relative to being outside these days, and anything that isn’t outside seems to get a wee bit neglected. This spring has been pretty incredible. It’s been gentle and soft and just plain lovely, and I am feeling so grateful for it, spending as much time in it as possible.

I have been carving out time to work on a collection of new works for the shop as well. It’s been super fun, though relatively slow, with lots of stops and starts. I’ve been trying to just have fun with it, without pushing too much; going at it a little differently than I might have in the past. I’ve been a little bit discouraged lately with all the sameness out there. It can seem like a thousand reproductions of the same few bags are coming out of the woodwork, and it’s getting a little bit strange and a little bit frustrating – particularly when you see some of your own work, and the work of your cohorts, in some of those reproductions. That’s a topic for another time though, and that aside, I guess I’m glad for the nudge toward making some changes. One of my favorite things about working for myself, is the freedom to explore.

This week we’ve been watching the swallows come and go from the boxes we put out for them last year. So far it seems like we have more of them this year. They are great for keeping the bugs down and it’s impressive to see their acrobatic, aerial maneuvers as they snatch bugs from the air. A very pregnant doe laid in the yard for a few hours last week. She looked so relaxed and restful, with another deer close by to keep an eye out. It’s getting close to the time where there will be baby deer bouncing around again. Ah! and right this minute I see an osprey flying over, with a big branch in it’s grasp. They are building their nest across the cove, in the same tree they do every year.Ā  So much activity right now!


How’s your spring looking? What gets you excited during this time of year?

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  1. Sarah


    Your things, aesthetic and lifestyle are so pure and beautiful. Please don’t get discouraged. I have been following your blog for a while as it is so lovely, I can’t wait till your next post. I am a small business owner and craftswoman myself and my husband actually gets mad at me when I look at my competition šŸ™‚ Cause sometimes, it gets me soooo down. It could get me so down that my productivity just plummets that day.

    Be true to yourself and don’t care about what anyone else is doing, don’t even spend time looking at it! It doesn’t matter. And your things are different, they have a unique aesthetic, feeling and intention that sets you apart.
    You can see your care, thought and passion for your brand through your defining details and products.

    Carry on, and keep posting.
    My husband and I live on 5 acres in the woods in Washington and I relate to all the wildlife joys you come across. Though you being close to ocean sounds painfully inspiring and amazing, and my green thumb is pathetic, haha. But it’s so inspiring to see other craftsmen appreciating what’s natural and so element in life as my husband and I do.

    Anyways, you are a great business that I myself look up to and hope to achieve the success and devotion to my brand as you have.

    Take care,

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