a few things

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+ Amazing score from the ‘free books’ shelf at the humane society. Clothbound, from 1949, with beautiful illustrations and a lot of information. I have a nice collection of bird books going and I refer to them all. + Gold … Continued


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Left to my natural inclination, I am not much for talking about plans and ideas, but prefer to set a quiet intent and then just act. I am lucky to share my life with someone who loves to discuss though, … Continued

hello, winter

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Snail mail is the best. Little (birthday) gifts for my mom. Mini Christmas trees from my nephew There is finally a bit of small gift making happening, and the last minute sending of a few remaining Christmas cards. It has … Continued

before the storm

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It’s been stormy here lately, with a lot of wind and rain.  The other day, on a very dark morning in the calm before the next storm, we sat drinking our coffee. Steven commented on a bird in the top … Continued


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I am feelin’ that holiday buzz. It starts out so quietly, sneaks up (seemingly) so slowly, and then suddenly – hellllo, it is here! This year I am trying to take it in slowly, enjoy this time, soak up the … Continued