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It was a working weekend, though I still made sure to include some time off. Saturday has become a day where we catch up on cleaning and organizing, watering plants, and starting little projects that got pushed aside during the week. I love this time, and it’s amazing how much we usually accomplish together.

A few snaps from the weekend…

1. an impromptu, clean-out-the-fridge fruit crisp was made (with crisp based loosely on my memory of Stephanie’s)

2. weeding in the warm sunshine

3. always something on the stairs, going up or going down

4. lunch in the making

5. homegrown rosemary – there is lots, being dried and stored

Not captured on camera was: the incredible mess that some critter made of the insulator panel in the hood of our car. OH MY WORD. I guess it is nesting season // The pollen clouds bursting forth from the alder trees. Have you ever seen a tree do that? It’s amazing (and a little frightful if you have allergies) // The sound of the birds these days, chattering away excitedly – yes, indeed, I think it is nesting season // The rooster that now lives up the road, and crows every morning at 4am // The bounty that Steven was paid, for revealing the name of said neighbor, to a different neighbor, who has been kept up in the wee hours of the morning (hee!)

How was your weekend? Did you drink beer and eat cabbage??

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  1. knitty34

    Haha, we always have that pile on the stairs too. And at the top of the basement stairs. Ah, multilevel homes.

    The pollen here in VA is like that – except from yellow pines. Once it stops, everyone has the mass clean up. Wash the car, curtains, pressure wash the decks, driveways, walkways, dust the house etc. It gets on everything!

    Your fruit crisp looks delicious!

    • abby

      Oh yes! Instead of pines though, we have fir trees… they come next. We were blown away last year, with the amount of yellow dust everywhere. I don’t think I had ever seen it quite like I have since living here.

  2. birchbarksoap

    What a lovely weekend. It was freezing here, and we’re expecting a pile of snow to welcome the first day of spring. We, too, have a perpetual few things on their way up or down the stairs. I love that basket! The shape is just right. Speaking of things on their way, I finally dropped a little box off at the post office for you today!

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