garden chat

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A cloudy morning inspired some garden photos today. Oddly, I have taken so few photos in the garden this year. It’s been an unusual year out there all around, and though I love my garden I have had a lot … Continued

early summer garden

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It’s crazy how fast things are changing in the garden right now. Zucchinis are growing inches in days, eggplants and peppers are suddenly sprouting many little baby fruits, peas are going nuts, cucumbers seem to be magically appearing every day, … Continued

all in a day

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Red huckleberries, fuchsia berries; and a single, insanely fragrant blackberry. Grass seed in dappled morning light. The foxglove is almost done for the year. Where we sometimes sit for morning coffee. Echinacea is blooming. Snapdragons too. Arugula flowers. Our wild … Continued