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There has been a bit of a golden brown theme showing up in my photos the last few days.

We got a few candid photographs of the rucksack in use. I know it helps to see a bag actually being worn, for a sense of scale and proportion.

This rucksack pictured is a sample I have kept for myself. The straps in the final version are positioned slightly closer at the top for a better fit, but I love this pack. It’s comfortable and highly useful and holds as much as I need for daytime outings. I have carried as much as 14 pounds of books in it and periodically pack that around for lengths of time to test comfort and strength. More weight than I advise carrying around all the time, but it handles it well and I have stayed considerably comfortable.

I hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend. We ran errands today and the weather was so mild I wore sandals. A huge treat for this girl. I love bare feet! I found some gems at the thrift – a beautiful wool blanket, a vintage world globe, a length of suede leather and a really nice handmade plaid wool button front – oh my, and a pair of awesome chairs! They might have been the most exciting find. I plan to recover them with leather. When I manage to get around to that project, I’ll be sure to post a photo or 2. My furniture projects are piling up!

Time for a glass of wine and a full night of work ahead.

See you soon xo

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  1. marri

    yay for thrifting! today i scored a waechtersbach red and white heart pitcher in perfect condition for a STEAL – the best little valentine ever!

    love the rucksack – looks wonderful for nice long walks with a book, a baguette, and some fruit!

  2. Sonia

    I think there are a lot of golden browns in your home, which is a good thing as it makes me think of the color of wood, beeswax, leather, baskets, and so many other lovely, natural things.
    you look as beautiful as ever, my friend. Sorry for not coming here more often to tell you so.
    enjoy your weekend, sweet friend xoxo much love

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