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A few more hours this evening and then it’s  time to put the week’s work aside for a bit, and slide into an easier pace. I’m looking forward to upping my guitar practice with a new app Steven found, tinkering in my garden and meeting up with some old friends. And if this crazy (!) wind calms down, we’ve got campfire cooking on our list. It’s been so summery and beautiful (and windy) out.

Also, I’ve been thinking about deliberate acts of random kindness, and how I could make them more a part of my life. Have you done any that stood out lately? This world is sure needing more gentle kindness.


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  1. Denise McArthur

    does leaving change in the tip jar count? I know I can always do better and honestly with even my own family. Sometimes they see the worst of me especially if I am tired. Thank you for this post. And, REST – yes 🙂

  2. jodi

    Abby, this is so ironic that you posted about the guitar app. We are planning our summer trip to Mexico and will be passing through a village that is well known for making guitars. I was telling my fella that I would like to buy one and learn to play! I am awful at reading music, so maybe this app would be my ticket – ?

    As for random kindness, we rescued 5 stray kittens last weekend and are now taking care of them while they grow up a bit and get used to people. It’s not like it’s been a great hardship playing with adorable kittens, but I do feel like it was an act of kindness to spare them lives as feral cats…

  3. Mirjam

    I love random acts. They require a level of awareness for other peoples needs that seems so easily lost in our busy lives.
    My tired neighbours with toddler twins are an easy ‘target’ for random offers of babysitting.
    A smile, a helping hand, a minute of your undevided attention – small is good. And totally doable.
    For the advanced random acter: try doing it anonymously for a change. That’s a whole new ball game. Interesting exercise. 🙂

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