the speed of now

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This weekend was a celebration of my arrival on earth, and we spent it enjoying all things earthly, in nature. We spent much of the weekend in and near the water, kayaking, swimming, picnicking. We watched a pair of baby deer nursing no more than 15 feet away, a sparrow hunting in the grass as we sat low nearby, drove out into the dunes at dusk, stayed outside well after dark in the warm night air. We talked about life, and time, and what’s really important – where my energy is at and where it needs to be. I felt like time moved slower. The days were full and nourishing.

A friend gave me a fun deck of insight cards, and I pulled one out while we sat chatting.

“Life moves at the speed of now”

This year I’d like to slow life down. We’re in no hurry to be anywhere.

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  1. liane

    happy birthday, abby i hope this upcoming year will be memorable in the best ways for you.

  2. Deni

    Happy Birthday, Abby!!! Today is my birthday, and I think we all need to slow down and enjoy life 🙂 I sure noticed that gorgeous new backpack you’re carrying. Beautiful color combination!

  3. coco

    i like the way how you look at about the life.
    happy birthday, abby ♪ sending big hugs
    from here.

  4. rebecca

    Sounds like a wonderful Birthday weekend. Sending well wishes for the year ahead and I LOVE the ‘speed of now’. Also, I’m severely envious of your rockin’ VW.

  5. jodi

    Sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend, Abby… hope the year ahead unfolds as you wish! My man shares the same birthday as you, so we spent the weekend in kayaks and celebrating also : )

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