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+ An order of wrap wallets, wrapped up in tissue

+ We had a little photo shoot today. The dark olive rucksack is coming back soon.

+ Some garden pickings from this morning.

+ Textiles from the archives of my shelves. I have so many amazing materials I need to start using.

+ Mountain peaks in my afternoon latte.

+ Our lovely neighbor is cleaning out, and has given us some real gems this week, including this cozy alpaca which I have just freshly washed.

It’s been a jam packed week, and I’ve been working non stop. Tonight I’m looking forward to some simple relaxation time right there on that chair with that alpaca, with my beau at my side, listening to the birds give way to the night crew, under the almost full moon… maybe even a glass of wine in my hand andsome home made pizza. Yes, that sounds pretty nice.

Enjoy the start of your weekend… xo


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  1. Susan F.

    Your new work is lovely. I agree w/ Marri about the sweater. My in-Laws raise alpacas. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get cold enough here for me to wear my alpaca sweaters many days a year. I gravitate toward scarves and shawls rather than sweaters.

    • abby

      Thank you Susan. Here it’s pretty mild most all year, in such a way we never completely put the sweaters away. Where do you live?

      • Susan F.

        I live in NW Florida where we’re lucky to have some semblance of seasons instead of the near-constant heat of S FL. Every few years we get cold spells with hard freezes at night but that’s not the norm.

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