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A belt I made

Some things I found

An empty nest

A calendula bouquet

Some small things from the week…

I have been looking for a skinny belt to wear with summer dresses. Could not find, so I made one instead. Now I’m glad I couldn’t find one.

Found an interesting old pencil drawing of an owl, in a crazy little frame. I want to examine it, but am too chicken to peel the frame backing off.

The osprey eggs hatched, and the babies must have fledged! We have been watching the nest for weeks (months?), with a telescope, starting when the parents built it, and just can’t believe we managed to miss the epic event. Oh well. Maybe next year.

So much calendula, flower and seed. I will have seeds to plant and give for ever it seems.

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  1. Melita Marshall

    Looks like a reproduction of Albrecht Durer’s “Little Owl” 1508

    • abby

      Yes, you are right! It says “1508” with his signature AD, but I was not familiar with this. Thanks Melita xo

  2. Deni

    Hi Abby : )
    You got some great finds! What kind of basket is at the bottom of the stack? My uncle gave me one he acquired at the sound and I was wondering what kind it is and what it was used for. Mine looks old and weathered, great character!

    Love your skinny belt too!


    • abby

      I’m not sure of it’s exact intended use, but it’s made with bamboo (at least as far as my experience tells me). I can’t help but collect these particular types of baskets and have a number of them in a couple sizes. This is the biggest one I have found. They’re really sturdy, and so beautiful. I might try to look into it further. You have me curious now! xo

    • abby

      Thank you. The dress was a hand-me-down from a friend, maybe almost a decade ago (!) Not sure where it came from.

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