late summer

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I am feeling the tug of autumn… a crispness in the morning and evening air, a depth and a length in the light and the sounds of the days, a change in the color of the maple trees’ leaf tips…

and I am savoring these last weeks of summer.


We are painting and planting and swimming and stocking up… resting a little, working a lot… So fleeting it all is.


I’ll be back soon with some news of the shop. I’ve been sketching and planning, exploring and sewing.


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  1. Taryn Kae Wilson

    It’s been getting cold here at night and I’ve been feeling autumn too.

    What is that little building you’re painting?

    Swimming sounds wonderful! I’d love to meet you for a dip in the lake. 🙂

    Love, Taryn

  2. Liesl

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying this late summer time. 🙂 Like Neko sings: “Don’t let this fleeting summer pass you by.”

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