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It’s really here. I can see and feel it everywhere! How about where you are?

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  1. coco

    your autumn color is so nice. my place is not
    that far yet, only few indication. i can’t wait for the
    leaves changing color

    • abby

      It will be there soon enough 🙂 It has been slow to come on here too, and most days feel like summer still. I am enjoying the slowness of the transition.

  2. Isabelle

    I live in Québec, Canada and the trees are already full of beautiful colors. Another autumn sign: I want to eat pumpkin soup!

    • abby

      I feel lucky we have a few maple trees in our yard. With so many evergreens here, we don’t usually have such a spectacular display of color that you folks in the east do. Enjoy it, Isabelle!

  3. Camille

    Fall totally snuck on me this year, but this major rain has made it apparent that summer can’t stick around forever. I’m happy and sad about the changing of the seasons.

  4. k

    oh yes, autumn is definitely here on the BC coast. love these images – all speaking richly of the season. you make me want to curl up with some tea.

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