the buck

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    We are able to observe a lot of deer behavior at our place, and how their behavior changes through the seasons. We also see certain deer on a regular basis and have gotten to know them by their … Continued

wild things

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    There is a whole lot of lounging and ruminating happening around here these days. The bucks seem wily and restless, and the does are very restful. Babies should be born any day now!

side by side

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Sweeties. Restful day for deer today. The mamas are looking super pregnant. Should be new tiny babies soon. I’ve been too busy to sit down and blog lately, but am looking forward to sharing about a few things soon – … Continued


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Just a little something to make you smile (click, it gets bigger!). It’s a busy morning. Time to make some coffee and get to work.

baby deer

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One of the highlights of the year here has been seeing the little spotted baby deer appear. This spring we have been waiting, observing a couple of very pregnant moms graze and relax in the yard, and finally, early one … Continued