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I’ve been feeling rather sensitive lately, about the way people seem to have forgotten that the earth is alive. The earth is a living organism. Hacking, maiming, burning, gouging, drilling, suffocating, poisoning, polluting, stealing and stealing and stealing… with no … Continued

in stripes

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Hi friends. It was nice to focus on something besides the news this morning and I worked on editing the photos for a new rucksack (in stripes!) which will be in the shop soon.   I’ve been steadily working to … Continued

a sense of scale

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This link was just sent to us We are pretty glued to the news right now. Seems as though the worst case scenario is unfolding. We have mostly been following the the BBC and NHK – which is a … Continued

thinking ahead

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We’ve been closely following the situation with the nuclear plants in Japan. We live on the Oregon Coast, which is relatively close to Japan – straight across the pacific ocean. My partner has been sending emails to friends and family … Continued

reaching out

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Reaching out to wish my best to anyone who is being affected by the earthquake in Japan or by the tsunami that has followed. Parts of my small coastal town were evacuated early this morning and people were shaken up … Continued

hello march

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rollerskates! inspiring materials for spring thank you deer (and slugs), for not eating the crocuses   I am feeling so excited for warmer days. Last night I fell asleep to the sound of frogs for the first time this year. … Continued

gather and create

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Some things from around the house and yard. Seems to be a theme of ‘gather and create’ these days… I suppose that’s always happening in some way, but it feels more pronounced lately. The photo above shows our hydrangea cuttings, … Continued

meal in a cup

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I know there are  lot of studio pictures these days, but really, this is where I spend the majority of my time lately. I’m here to ask you all for some ideas… Something that often gets neglected when I’m busy … Continued