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A few snaps from around here lately.

And right now, I am…

resting a bit, after a long productive day (that started at 4am. Wish I could do this every day, ha!).

feeling the cool dampness in my hair, wet from the rain.

hearing the swainson’s thrush singing it’s whirling song. They just returned last week and it is the most amazing music to my ears.

tasting some red wine, that a sweet guy just handed me.

wishing the washing machine would stop beeping please.

noticing my lights are on upstairs. need to be better about that.

thinking it’s time to head on up to the studio.

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday weekend. xo

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    • abby

      Thanks k. Seems like snippets are about all I am able to pull off here these days! : )

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