the stories in the mess

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I’ve had a lot of burnishing to do this week (which means a lot of standing around spacing out while rubbing those leather edges) and I’ve taken interest in some of my “mess,” which I usually am not super inspired … Continued

a unified whole

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When I finally settled on a date to launch the new site, I went to mark it on the calendar. It turned out that Monday, February 8, was a new moon, the Chinese New Year and the start of “Random … Continued


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Looking down, on the set-up for the latest studio enhancement. A new plant shelf, which is now home to a small dragon tree! I love having plants around me. They elevate a space so much. And I love that guy. … Continued

around the studio

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I realized I haven’t mentioned here yet that the shop is closed. The etsy shop is closed for a bit, while I catch up on my work. The shop has been a fantastically busy place this year! I have felt … Continued

around the studio

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Happy Monday! I hope yours has been a productive one too. Tonight we will take a little break and enjoy a glass of wine and some home made pizza, to celebrate getting my taxes all paid. So nice to have … Continued

in the studio

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It’s not quite up and running yet, but I think we’re getting close to having the first machine assembled. The studio is in shambles and there is still a lot of moving around to do, but the goal is to … Continued