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wild_berries_0Red huckleberries, fuchsia berries; and a single, insanely fragrant blackberry.

grass_seedGrass seed in dappled morning light. The foxglove is almost done for the year.

dappledWhere we sometimes sit for morning coffee.

echinacea_0Echinacea is blooming. Snapdragons too.

arugula_flowersArugula flowers.

garden_path_july13Our wild jungle garden. It really is kind of wild this year!

july13A day’s harvest.


crescent_moonRising crescent moon (with vulture circling nearby).


And a black bear. No big deal.

This was the kind of day that unfolds moment by moment. Definitely my kind of day. From coffee drinking to berry picking, weeding to watering, trellising to harvesting, food making to kitchen cleaning, mowing and picture taking – the next thing I knew the sun was setting and I realized I had spent the whole day doing what ever presented itself, moment by moment. How simple, right? But really, I felt so satisfied. I’m working on this “be here now” stuff. I know it’s so cliché, but there really is something to it.

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  1. Liesl

    I love all the colors and textures of your harvest. I’ve never had huckleberries or fuchsia berries. What do they taste like?
    Glad to see everything is growing well (and that your visitor didn’t get into trouble!)

    • abby

      Hi liesl! Huckleberries are in the same family as blueberries, and I guess you could say they are vaguely reminiscent in flavor. A little more tart and with a deeper more complex flavor. Red huckleberries are even slightly more tart than the blue/black varieties. Fuchsia berries have a peppery flavor, with just a subtle sweetness. They are one of the more interesting and unusual tasting berries I’ve had. The bear stayed out of trouble this time! I think she’s probably the one that’s been getting into people’s trash around here lately, though.

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