ground cherry

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The little fruits of our ground cherry plants are ripening bit by bit. Coco asked about them recently, so I thought I’d show them in a little more detail. I think they are beautiful and amazing, such interesting little fruits with their lantern husks. The fruit is sweet, and the flavor is delicately reminiscent (to me) of pineapple.

More info on this plant here.



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  1. coco

    oh hi abby, the balloon thing is so pretty and looks very much like my balloon plant. but surprisingly, your’s are edible! great!!
    it is so beautiful and must be very rewarding when you open the balloon
    for fruits.

    ahh,, thanks for showing me lovely photos at the end of the
    day. i’m so happy.
    thanks abby.

  2. catie

    we are huge ground cherry fans here.
    they are super-delicious smashed atop melted brie cheese & scooped up with a baguette.

    • abby

      Yum, that does sound delicious. I will remember that this summer. We are big brie fans too 🙂

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