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I’ve had a lot of burnishing to do this week (which means a lot of standing around spacing out while rubbing those leather edges) and I’ve taken interest in some of my “mess,” which I usually am not super inspired to capture on camera (ha).

But I always find a lot of interest in other people’s messes – the particular objects they use and collect, their works in progress, their various interests, the plants they tend – there are many stories to be told.

So, a few short stories, told by some of my mess.

woodworking_benchA busy benchtop with an open sandpaper drawer: for prepping those leather edges and sanding a walnut spoon. A pile of bag flaps for a batch of satchels that are making their way through my production rotation. A collection of rifflers awaiting a tool roll I’ll make for Steven. A cardigan and a pair of elbow patches to be sewn. A leaning pile of leather sides that haven’t been put away. A tiny saw with mitre box that Steven refurbished for me (I’m excited to practice some dovetailing)…


poetryA stack of Dad’s poetry books which need a home, but I just love having them out and sort of in the way. Blocks of hardwood, future utensils. An extension cord, still out from a couple weeks ago when I set up my old high school sewing machine to sew button holes with.


fabric_rollsAnd, not so much a mess, but a view from the floor not often seen. My main bench, and the hub of my studio.

I love this studio space of mine, where I can create, explore and make a mess.


I’m hoping to be back this weekend with a “making my week” post, but in case I don’t make it have an amazing holiday weekend!


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  1. Eva

    I love seeing other peoples studios and working spaces as well. Yours is so beautiful! And it must be nice to have such a big space with different working tables and sections. Enjoy your weekend & happy easter.

    • Abby

      Thanks Eva! If I could it would be fun to give you a personal tour. It’s maybe smaller than it seems in photos, but yes, it truly is nice to have the space that I do. I appreciate it every day. Happy Easter weekend to you too xo

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