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plant_shelf_setup_editLooking down, on the set-up for the latest studio enhancement.


A new plant shelf, which is now home to a small dragon tree! I love having plants around me. They elevate a space so much. And I love that guy. He elevates my life, exponentially.


An incredible slice of bright light right before sunset. These days I am in, more than out, and I felt lucky to have been out during these few extra beautiful moments.


Recent crazy rain and wind storm. Thinking strong thoughts for our northern California neighbors.


My new best friend at work, this power burnisher Steven built for me,

burnishing_0helping to create beautiful, burnished edges.


Bevelling leather.


Straight-shot view from the comfy chair in the studio. I like to sit here first thing in the day, while I collect my thoughts.



i n f u s i o n  is in the final days of holiday order making and shipping. It’s an intense time, which is both super fun and extremely difficult. Fun as a business and difficult, at times, as a person who is a business. Most of all though, I am incredibly grateful. I am also amazed at my capacity for discipline, the love I have in my life, and the mixed up crazy that seems to be pure human-ness. Wow!

So much Love to you all! xo

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  1. Denise McArthur

    Your space is just so appropriate for you – it’s perfect. I love houseplants too – I like to think they improve our indoor air quality especially like you said when we are now spending more time in than out. (I miss out!) Take care Abby.

  2. Just Another Nature Enthusiast

    We were all celebrating your talents and creative spirit at dinner the other night!!! All of us think you are remarkable… best wishes for an inspired, peaceful, comfortable New Year to you and Steven.

    • abby

      Thank you, Jane! I appreciate that so much! Thank you for sharing your own talents, love of life and creativity. Here’s to a year of new adventures in this beautiful place. xo

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