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When I finally settled on a date to launch the new site, I went to mark it on the calendar. It turned out that Monday, February 8, was a new moon, the Chinese New Year and the start of “Random Acts of Kindness Week.” Made me smile. New energy, new beginnings, expressions of kindness. It seemed perfect.

I am feeling so grateful for the support and response of the site so far. It’s been an exciting day for us! Sometimes when you get your head deep into something it’s hard to see it for what it is, and too easy to focus on the nitty gritty details. Launching was like setting it all free, and stepping back with a little bit of distance has given me a chance to acknowledge all the work we’ve done and to see it as a whole. While on the one hand it’s just a web site, on the other it’s what feels like a new beginning. I feel that so many fragments of things I’ve been working on are coming together and sometimes it just takes having the right space to bring it together.

This bench scene I came up to in the studio today – the works in progress left from the day prior – created a similar feeling for me. Wood, cloth, leather, my thoughts being organized on paper – many parts in progress coming into a unified whole.


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