simple things

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        Some random snaps from around here lately. This time of year requires huge amounts of high energy output, ironically, during a time that I more naturally would rather rest and focus inward, on nurturing myself, tending … Continued

hey, june

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I tend to think of June as my favorite month of the year; or at least it usually feels like that when it arrives. It’s an exciting lead-up to summer, and it is just the very beginning of many warm … Continued


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It was a working weekend, though I still made sure to include some time off. Saturday has become a day where we catch up on cleaning and organizing, watering plants, and starting little projects that got pushed aside during the … Continued

in the studio

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It’s been tough to keep focused this past week or so. I’ve been restless, and have had so much energy –  both creative and physical. It’s a pretty fun state to be in, but it’s not always the most productive … Continued


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If I didn’t take photos, I probably wouldn’t blog. There have been times I’ve considered having a photo only blog. Visual/sensory expression tends to come more easily to me than verbal/mental. I take photos most every day and would like … Continued


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+ An order of wrap wallets, wrapped up in tissue + We had a little photo shoot today. The dark olive rucksack is coming back soon. + Some garden pickings from this morning. + Textiles from the archives of my … Continued

around the studio

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Happy Monday! I hope yours has been a productive one too. Tonight we will take a little break and enjoy a glass of wine and some home made pizza, to celebrate getting my taxes all paid. So nice to have … Continued