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There are so many things I could say about right now in this season… but once I got down to writing tonight I guess I don’t really feel like it. I just feel like being in it, enjoying it, experiencing … Continued

a little getaway

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A short time back we packed up for a few days away at one of our favorite swimming holes. This is a pretty special place on the upper Umpqua, which Steven introduced me to back in our early days together. … Continued


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Swimming in wild bodies of water is one of my top favorite things about summer.  There is something super exciting to me about the fact that these days have just begun! This weekend we had our first river day, and … Continued


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It’s Friday night, winding down from a long week. I’m excited for a little break this weekend! How was your week? It felt oddly intense for me! Beans are cooking, the house is full of warmth from a day full … Continued

dog days of spring

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Our yard is so full of life right now. At any given time, we can sit outside and find unending entertainment and beautiful, amazing things to observe. In a single day last week we saw brand new baby deer while … Continued