snow? in march?

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Our driveway! Blocked roadway. Everything is so pretty covered in snow. Blocked roadway How could a fireplace be so inefficient?? Nice to get up next to at night though. love our propane camp stove in times like these! Keeping warm … Continued


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Loved this video about European linen. Seeing this process gives me that feeling I talked about once, in my Etsy featured seller interview. The name “infusion” came from the feeling of the weave of a rich, thick, un-dyed linen. Linen … Continued


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I love the Handmade Portraits series on etsy. If you didn’t happen to see this one yet, I highly recommend. Inspiring and refreshing, and a fun glimpse into the world of this talented artist.


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via Stumbled onto these bags today while taking a break from sewing. I love the function and utility of military packs, and the use of materials that wear so well.