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It’s Friday night, winding down from a long week. I’m excited for a little break this weekend! How was your week? It felt oddly intense for me!

Beans are cooking, the house is full of warmth from a day full of sun, my body is buzzing from this evening’s awesome workout, we’re sipping a cold beer, and as soon as I’m done here I’m heading back upstairs to finish the week’s work so I can take some time out tomorrow.

Enjoy the weekend everyone! I’m hoping to do some swimming, some taming of the jungle of my garden, and just generally enjoying this warm and nurturing season. xo

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  1. denise

    the last couple of weeks have been sooooo busy – one more to go too (Josh’ grad party next weekend!)

    and I have to ask…what did you do for your workout?

    • abby

      Congrats to Josh! Crazy, huh? I feel like I barely got out of high school myself still sometimes.

      I do HIIT (high intensity interval training) style workouts. I LOVE them! I’m gonna email you in case you want more info 🙂

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