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There are so many things I could say about right now in this season… but once I got down to writing tonight I guess I don’t really feel like it. I just feel like being in it, enjoying it, experiencing it, without discussing it all so much. A lot of people have a complaint about the heat and dry or the rain and cool or the quick passage of time (and don’t get me wrong, I might be one of them sometimes), and all the words and worries about time make me want to just be still and embrace this time fully. If you know me, you know I want summer to last forever.

August is such a ripe month. So much fresh food and soft warmth and rich light.

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  1. coco

    I noticed that fullmoon night!
    Glad to know someone else on the other
    side of the world was watching the same moon. ā¤

    • abby

      I love knowing things like that too. This small, full world. In a way we aren’t that far from each other. Just across the ocean šŸ™‚

  2. Beth Anne Campbell

    I love your collage of beautiful summer photos! That moon is so gorgeous. Yes, summer is to be savored as long as possible.

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