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butterfly_1_cropA short time back we packed up for a few days away at one of our favorite swimming holes. This is a pretty special place on the upper Umpqua, which Steven introduced me to back in our early days together. That first trip there for me will be forever in my memory, and each time we visit I feel all the excitement and love that I have for that place fill me right up. I want to freeze it in time forever, as the private, little-known spot it always was.

sunlitIt’s not uncommon to be able to spend days here without another person around. There is such a peace in being alone in nature; the ultimate healing balm.



morning_amc_1We had long nights of restful sleep; easy, timeless days; time to share, tune in, discuss; and so much swimming, wading and exploring of the swimming hole. The temps were near and above 100 but that kind of heat is really quite nice when you can cool yourself at any moment.



trail_smd_0trail_smd_1bh_1river_shaderiver_shade_smdI had prepared so much food for us at home – loaf of bread, batch of muffins, a pot of beans, hummus, tomato sauce, pesto, hard boiled eggs, oh my gosh… And then of course, we weren’t even hungry in the heat. I think we would have been set with coffee, water, fruit, nuts and seeds.



One of the most memorable things for me about this trip was swimming at night. We clamoured down the trail, jumped in the water and swam in the moonlight. Gliding into the water was like entering thick, viscous, air – just so smooth and seamless. The water felt unbelievably silky in the dark, in a way that neither of us notice in our daytime swims.

Some day we would both love to live on a river, with our own swimming hole, with places to camp, and the possibility to host healing retreats and workshops, and the ease of cooking outside. A life that is attuned with nature is a full and rich life.

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  1. Heather

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story line with gorgeous pics. Pure bliss. I’m curious if those are silicon cover mason jars in one of the pics? If so, would you please share where you found them? Thanks much!

  2. Denise McArthur

    where is the “sign up now” button for the retreat? Count me in for sure!! I love hearing about your adventures and dreams…so cool. Also so nice that you have the same ambitions πŸ™‚

    lovely pictures Abby, thanks for sharing!

  3. rebecca

    yes – sign me up, too! πŸ™‚
    a beautiful post…after just getting back from a week in Vermont, I too cannot wait to one day live closer to nature.

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