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Swimming in wild bodies of water is one of my top favorite things about summer.  There is something super exciting to me about the fact that these days have just begun! This weekend we had our first river day, and I’m looking forward to more.

I keep thinking about the passing of time, and what kind of perception one should be in to experience time.. life.. at a slower, more steady pace… and what first comes to me is the truth in the words be here now. Be present. Stay grounded. Be here now. These simple truths have become cliché; but they are simple, widely shared words for a reason.








So let’s be here now, and take each day a moment at a time. Even amongst the seeming tough stuff, life really is amazing. We get to be here and live this life, on this beautiful planet, amongst all these other amazing life forms. Profound. Simple. Truly awesome.

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  1. Denise

    oh my goodness, I love these pictures so much! Cliche or not, the statement of “be here now” is so needed in our present day. My motto right now is …one moment/thing/day at a time! I think my mom is getting tired of me saying it actually but it sure helps me.

  2. Maryzabeth

    What a beautiful reminder. It is so easy to forget!! I am new to the NW. Can you tell me what river this is? Thank you

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