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We are in quite a windy rain storm, and I think it’s here to stay a little while longer. I sat down to do a little blogging this afternoon, for the first time in almost a month, and the power went out. It was down for just a few hours, but this has us working on preparedness for the season. Our camp stove and propane is now handy, candles are out, batteries are charging, and gallons of water are in the freezer. Last year’s near 2 week outage was quite a wake up call.

While the power was out, I prepped some leather for making wallets. Once it got too dark to work upstairs anymore, I set myself up at the dining table to do some hand stitching.

I managed to finish one of them, and I immediately filled it with the contents of the card wallet I made myself a couple months ago. I actually hadn’t meant to keep it, but I think it’s here to stay 🙂

I have been using the original (which was machine stitched) constantly for about 9 weeks, and it’s already developing a beautiful patina. A couple weeks ago I added the tab closure to it, to keep my cash more secure. I appreciate the simple design, and love the feel of it in my hand. Here it is when it was first completed. And below shows it after about 2 months of use.


There will be some hand stitched versions available in the shop soon.


While I sat at the table stitching, Steven and I talked and watched a big flock of tiny pine siskins take shelter on our deck. As much as a power outage can be a lousy inconvenience, there is just as much about them that I appreciate. The quieter time away from our machines and technology is pretty refreshing.

I hope all is well out there.

I won’t be gone so long this time…

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  1. coco

    sometimes, it is a good not having everything. i
    do feel the same too. enjoy the slow quiet time.
    but glad you are back.

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