hello, winter

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christmas_cards_1Snail mail is the best.

gifts_1Little (birthday) gifts for my mom.

december_home_1Mini Christmas trees from my nephew

There is finally a bit of small gift making happening, and the last minute sending of a few remaining Christmas cards. It has been so nice to rest and relax a little these past couple days. It’s been an intense month – exhilarating and disorienting all at once. Feels amazing to wind down and enjoy some Christmas cheer. I appreciate this time of year as a chance to really consider the people that have touched my life, to show my appreciation toward others, and to slow down and enjoy the simplest of things.

Today I’m looking forward to making eggnog lattes (oh my yum!), wrapping some gifts, and hopefully dodging these heavy rain showers for a winter walk.

Happy Solstice friends!

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