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I am feelin’ that holiday buzz. It starts out so quietly, sneaks up (seemingly) so slowly, and then suddenly – hellllo, it is here! This year I am trying to take it in slowly, enjoy this time, soak up the amazing fresh air of late autumn, and not get completely lost in the exciting rush of work that comes at this time of year. And have you noticed how happy everyone seems right now? Is it that way where you are? I swear, I met eyes and shared smiles with more people than I can count this weekend, while out running simple errands. That is so unlike the average day in town here (sadly). And as for decking the halls and all that stuff, I admit it – I love twinkly lights, I love to hang a wreath, and I love to gather fir branches and pine cones to bring inside.

Happy Holidays friends, how ever it is you enjoy this time of year.

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  1. marta

    Dear Abby,

    I’ve always loved your rucksacks but never ordered any as I hesitate a lot about the colours. While seeing this last photo, I wonder what colour are those rucksacks?
    Will there be some other colours available soon?

    Congratulations for your work.
    Marta (from Portugal)

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