vernal equinox

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The Stanley Prune is starting to flower. Maybe we will have our first fruits from this tree this year. There were tiny bees – which I think were mason bees – buzzing around the new blossoms today. Flowering apricot. The … Continued

31st july

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  August is so close; just about here. The season is changing. The blueberries are almost cleaned out, both by discovery by birds and the simple fact that they are done producing for the  year. But the tomatoes are coming … Continued

all in a day

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Red huckleberries, fuchsia berries; and a single, insanely fragrant blackberry. Grass seed in dappled morning light. The foxglove is almost done for the year. Where we sometimes sit for morning coffee. Echinacea is blooming. Snapdragons too. Arugula flowers. Our wild … Continued