31st july

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August is so close; just about here. The season is changing. The blueberries are almost cleaned out, both by discovery by birds and the simple fact that they are done producing for the  year. But the tomatoes are coming on fast and the bullfrogs fill the night air. It’s always a little bit bittersweet, when the nights start to get longer again and the ground begins to look parched and worn.

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  1. coco

    although my part of the country is still in the middle of summer,
    i sense the sign of ending summer in people’s photos.
    abby, i particularly like this post. picture and your note together
    goes very well like a poem.
    love it.

  2. Camille

    August 1 is always so different than July 31. It’s weird especially today when it was so cold. I noticed it getting dark earlier for probably the first time this summer, too.

    Fortunately, I’m now aware that every year I’m surprised by how much August seems like fall and by how much September feels like summer, so there’s still hope.

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