a new year

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Happy New Year, friendly folks. This year I’ve been letting the concept of “New Year’s Resolutions” stir quietly, without mental inputs or particular expectations, and it’s been refreshing to see what has been coming to me. I appreciate opportunities to … Continued


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Looking down, on the set-up for the latest studio enhancement. A new plant shelf, which is now home to a small dragon tree! I love having plants around me. They elevate a space so much. And I love that guy. … Continued

december 4

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  It’s that surreal time of year, where coffee and a shower, olives and wine, might be the only punctuations in the long days of work. I almost forgot what this felt like, to wake up and work straight until … Continued

radio silence

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I think it’s about time I broke the silence here. Hello small world! Summer was truly relished, and as little time as possible was spent on my computer. I thought I’d share a few photos from some highlights of our … Continued

late august (what?)

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With August almost over, I’m feeling that familiar urgency to squeeze in all the things that haven’t yet been done by summer’s end. There is still so much! But mostly, painting the fascia on our house and camping are 2 … Continued

backyard berries

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and a blueberry peach galette made with someone else’s backyard berries. This morning I was surprised to find one of our older blueberry bushes covered in perfectly ripened berries. I had quit checking on these particular bushes, as the birds … Continued