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I have been wanting to take some time to develop some new designs for quite a while now, but I have just not been able to find a window amongst order fulfillments and my other job. I have been sketching ideas off and on for weeks, so you can imagine I am excited to make them a reality! I also have a couple of new fabrics, in new colors, that have been patiently waiting to be used as well.

Also, it is now September 1st and my boyfriend and I have been on just 2 short (VERY short) camping trips all summer. We are happy as clams in our loft on the ocean, but sometimes you just need a little getaway adventure. I will have a week off from my managerial job at the retreat center, so we will take some time to rest, relax and catch up on *life*.

Our Camper
Our Camper

So expect a refreshment both of me, and of my shop. And if you have a favorite, now is your time to jump on it as changes are afoot, and there is no telling what change can bring!

What you might expect to see on my return:

~ A new bag design, or two

~ A revision of the messenger bag

~ A revision of the blossom bag

~ An accessory piece and possibly (oh, maybe I am pushing it!) a womens clothing piece

I know that is all a bit vague, but surprises are more fun!

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