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I can’t imagine how it took me so long to start making my own yogurt. It’s so easy! It’s incredibly satisfying and feels so nourishing.

The satisfaction comes in many ways – from the feeling in your belly when you eat it, to the fact that there is no plastic container to recycle, the cost is significantly less, and the processing is done in my own kitchen with my own trusted cookware and with the milk of my choosing. The flavor is lightly tart, mellow and smooth, and the texture is creamier – like a cross between kefir and yogurt. With fresh picked blueberries, it makes a perfect breakfast or snack. I think I may never turn back.

I got started with some help from Amanda, as well as a really excellent step by step instructional here. For the incubation period, I put all my jars in a pre-warmed cooler with 4 quart-sized mason jars full of hot water, and I let my yogurt ferment for 8 hours. I’d like to try to come up with an electric heating pad, in order to maintain a warmer temperature, but this method worked pretty well.

Soon, I’d like to make some kefir. It’s tough to find unflavored kefir here, and it is very expensive. My understanding is that I would simply need some kefir as a starter, instead of yogurt – the difference being a different strain of bacteria. If you have made either, and have any experiential advice, I’d love to hear.

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  1. nicole

    mmm, how wonderful! our raw goat’s milk is being delivered tomorrow, and I’d like to make some yogurt. as soon as the weather cools considerably, an online friend is going to mail me some kefir grains. I’m really looking forward to making it at home – so yummy and nourishing! peace, nicole

  2. Thumbly

    We make yougurt in our home! And we feel so satisfied by eating it. We use a simple warmer I bought (it stores 7 little jars and it keeps them at the right temperature for the amount of time I want – for me the best is 12 hours). I mix 1 liter of whole milk with a yogurth full of milk enzymes. Then I fill the 7 little jars and wait. When it’s ready, I enrich it with fresh fruit or fruit jam. It’s very refreshing and it keeps you healthy!

  3. taryn kae wilson

    How wonderful!!
    I have lots of extra kefir grains that I would love to share with you if you are needing any. It is much easier to make than yogurt. (Both are so wonderful.)
    What I love about kefir is that many lactose intolerant people can have it because it digests the milk more than any other milk culture. I am a kefir fanatic!!

  4. Kristin

    Just wanted to let you know that I reblogged this post. This looks so yummy. We will have to try it at our house…

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