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via Stumbled onto these bags today while taking a break from sewing. I love the function and utility of military packs, and the use of materials that wear so well.


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I feel like a squirrel getting ready for winter. I want to do so many things at once these days, and there is a renewed excitement for it all. I’ve been spending a little extra time in the kitchen – … Continued


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Mini mushrooms, with a life cycle of one day. They appeared overnight like miniature fairy tale forests, and then were gone just as fast.


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It’s raining today. The first real rain in 2 months! It was a little bit surprising at first (and I’m not quite ready for fall to be so near), but I’m savoring it, and I can feel the earth taking … Continued


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Nothing quite like water and sunshine to rock you back to a place of peace. Tough couple of weeks, rounded out by rest, relaxation, rejuvenation and a change of scenery.

fresh picked

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Blueberries! My favorite food of all time. We are big blueberry eaters here, all year long (frozen organic for most of the year), so nothing beats the treat of having an abundance of fresh picked. Straight up, in smoothies, with … Continued