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On the central Oregon Coast red elder is blooming everywhere right now, and it comes right at the time I tend to want to change up my skin care routine. Elderflower has become a cue of sorts, that it’s time to make an herbal moisturizer for my gardening hands and newly sun kissed skin, and a tincture for sinus and respiratory support in this pollen heavy season. I tend to use the lotion pretty generously, and the tincture I use some, but mostly enjoy giving as gifts. I think I feel fortunate to have dry skin over allergies. I know what it’s like (it’s awful!) and I feel for anyone that suffers during pollen season!



Elderflower. This is Red Elder.


Each yearย I’ve been working on keeping a stock of dried herbs and flowers, and it’s become super satisfying to have a homegrown apothecary cabinet that I can go to when I need.

For this batch of lotion I chose dried calendula, chamomile and lavender flowers, and fresh rosemary and elderflower. All of these flowers and herbs have amazing healing properties for the skin.


I started with an infusion of rosemary, and melted some beeswax in a makeshift double boiler set-up.


I used a hemp coffee filter for straining my infusion. In addition to coffee, these filters are perfect for straining teas and medicinal infusions.



And then I added all the flowers. The beautiful scent that this filled the house with was out of this world. I wish I could convey it through photos! Floral, herbal, simultaneously intense and so gentle. I haven’t brought myself to put the strainings in the compost yet and Steven and I have both gone in just to inhale it over the last couple days.



It came out the prettiest color, which I didn’t expect at all. I actually thought it would be green!


For any do-it-yourselfers who would like to try making their own lotion, I wrote about it here a few years ago. While each batch may be different, depending on what herbs or oils one chooses, the process is generally the same. And I wrote about making elderflower tincture here. Again, while each tincture may differ, depending on the herbs or alcohol you choose, the process is pretty much the same.


As you might know, I love to give gifts and share things I’ve made, so tomorrow I’ll be back with a little giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great night all.



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  1. Deni

    I’m so amazed and inspired by your natural lifestyle and would love to try your lotion. I have been using Bends Goat Milk soap for about a year and love it! I recently tried using it as a shampoo bar as well with an apple cider vinegar rinse but find it a little drying. Could you share what you use for shampoo and conditioner?
    Love your new website Abby ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Abby

      Hi Deni, thank you! Shampoo and conditioner are definitely the trickiest and are the few things I haven’t tried to make myself yet. I’ve tried shampoo bars too, with mixed results. I should try again. I love that there’s so much less packaging and such simpler ingredients. My favorite was one from Rocky Top Soap Shop. These days I use Beauty Without Cruelty Lavender shampoo and conditioner. Before that, we used Kiss My Face Green Tea and Lime for many years. Good to hear from you xo

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