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First, I have to mention that these are all pictures from last year. Last summer to be exact. I was looking through my photo folders in search of a few favorites, for an order of postcards I just placed. I was so taken by everything that fell within the season of summer, that I got distracted. So distracted that I got delayed on ordering.

As I walked back to the house from the garden this afternoon, I was struck by all the details of this season, which is really settling into it’s own. The lavender in full bloom, and the poppies starting to open, and the doors wide open, and all the garden starts getting so big all over the porch. I was filled with happiness and excitement. We are in our element here on these warm sunny days. To get out of bed and throw on a simple tank and a cotton skirt… to go straight outside and be amongst the birds… to linger in the garden and observe new growth… to sit out on the patio late, sip wine, and listen to the frogs on the lake… it feels like a little bit of paradise.

What’s your paradise like? I looked that word up and loved this simple definition:: Paradise is a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless.

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  1. rebecca

    I’m totally with you – I’m also quite in love with the other seasons, but I love watching all of our plants start to get fuller and enjoying the longer daylight. Summer is pretty amazing!

    • abby

      It is! I do love the other seasons as well, but none of them grab me quite like summer.

  2. jodi

    My paradise is at the seaside. Breezes and the sound of the waves, eagles and hummingbirds, flip-flops, watering & tending the garden, sniffing herbs, sipping lemonade, being followed by two curious cats, daydreams & reading in the hammock, dinner on the deck, badminton at sunset.

  3. Margot McGovern

    It’s heading into winter over here. It’s dark by the time I get home from work and my garden is starting to look a bit sad. Can’t wait for spring and those lovely long evenings spent among the flowers!

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