For the Love of Hemp

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Hemp is an amazing plant in almost any way you could think of. As a plant, it grows remarkably fast, making it highly sustainable. It is resistant to pests, which means it does not require pesticides for healthy growth. It is an incredibly versatile plant and all of it’s parts can be utilized. The seed is delicious, edible and highly nutritious. The oil is healing and moisturizing. The fiber can be applied to a multitude of uses from textiles (like the Blossom Bag and the BRING IT ALL messenger) and non-toxic diesel fuel to building materials. You could even build a house with hemp! It is a long staple fiber, which makes it strong and durable. It is also highly resistant to mildew and UV.

Blossom Bag in Chocolate Hemp

The Blossom Bag has been in high demand this week, so here is a peek at my available hemp fabric options, which you can feel free to request. (These options also apply to any of my bags). I hope to have the Blossom Bag made up and photographed in Natural and Sage sometime next week. The Natural and Sage are 100% hemp. The Chocolate is a blend of 55% organic cotton / 45% hemp.

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