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There are high hopes for a meadow + mark update soon. A few peeks of some of those items above, and a photo in honor of my dear friend coffee. Oh, dear coffee, you make my mornings so sweet.

I started running in the morning these last few days, and I am hoping to make it a regular thing for a while. The past month has been like no other, with huge amounts of time spent in my studio working (and I am so grateful for the work!!). A lot of this time is pretty sedentary, and none of this time is outdoors. By nature, I am a pretty active person who loves to be outdoors, and a new balance has definitely been in order. I have woken many mornings these past couple weeks, craving to go out and run around, breathe heavily, sweat and get rosy cheeked. Feels awesome! What’s your favorite physical activity to get your heart pumping?

(okay, I just couldn’t help myself on the title!)

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  1. natalie

    you are so cute! i love your top & you totally know how to rock the wavy look. love it all, girl!
    & i am dying a little inside over that brown leather backpack. ahhh!!!

    my favorite physical activity: dancing! i fell in love with luke on the dance floor actually πŸ™‚ we have chemistry while groovin’, that is for sure!

    so happy to hear you are finding that balance πŸ™‚

  2. Nicole

    I also love to get rosy-cheeked outdoors. In winter, my favourite activity is cross-country skiing, but if the conditions are not good, or if I don’t have time to get to the trails, then I love going for a run. So easy, just put on your shoes and go. In the warmer months, I bike to and from work. On weekends I LOVE going for hikes in the woods.

    (I’ve had a nasty cold these last 2 weeks which has kept me indoors. I’m itching to get back outside!!!)

  3. infusionfibers

    Natalie I agree, dancing is so fun! Backpack coming soon…
    And the wavy look – um, you mean bed head? thank you : )

    Nicole, I hope you get well super soon!

  4. the color of Amber

    I love the skirt Abby! Running is so invigorating, I feel such a release of stress when I run and a burst of energy that last for hours after. Good job on getting those cheeks pink! Besides running I like to get physical by dancing, bike riding, chopping and carrying wood, running, or swimming. Jumping on the mini trampoline in the house is pretty fun too, with music, good thing to do on rainy days. Have fun!

  5. Elisa

    Since we don’t have a car we ride out bikes everywhere. Grocery shopping, post office, beach etc. Although it was not a planned exercise program, it sure gets the heart pumping!
    Happy running Abby. πŸ™‚

  6. Valerie

    I was going to say I liked your title !! πŸ™‚
    and your photos are a feast for the eyes !
    Tickling your endorphins is such a good way to feel great !
    I will never be able to run due to my foot accident (and didn’t use to run before) but I’m a keen swimmer. I swam almost two miles in a go last Monday (I go twice a week to the pool) and I understand the crave !
    happy running to you !!

  7. Barbara

    RUN – first thing in the morning. Best way to start the day. I jump right out of bed, slip on the running clothes and go. At least 4 times a week. No less.

    Beautiful shops. Good Luck,

  8. tamara

    Very cute skirt and backpack! Mmm…and coffee at the moment sounds fantastic.

    Walking to work/class and back (wearing my gray rucksack, of course) is one of my favorite things. Time to reflect. Even in terrible weather I don’t mind.

    I love zumba and yoga classes. When they’re not offered, kettlebell exercises are what I turn to.

    In nicer weather, riding my yellow cruiser bicycle is the best choice!

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