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In the studio lately…


I discovered Milky Chance recently and have been playing a couple of their songs (Flashed Junk Mind and Stolen Dance) on repeat. I’d love any music suggestions from you all! I’ve asked this in the past, and found a lot of new-to-me music which I still currently listen to because of your suggestions, so thank you. I LOVE discovering new tunes and wish there were an easy way for us to share with each other on a regular basis. I don’t care what genre, I just love to discover new sounds. What’s on your playlist lately?

custom_work_0An order of totes with some new colors in the mix. Fun to see an old style look new again. I have since added this one to the shop, also available with a shoulder strap here.

shipping_2_smA package ready to be wrapped up. I once read somewhere, regarding someone’s thoughts (and sadly I can’t remember who) on “what is handmde to you” and she said something to the effect that to her, handmade is when you hold the item you just finished and really look at it before you send it off. There is an appreciation and a deliberateness in what you have done. I could relate to that so well. Everything I make is made with love and care, time and effort. It’s satisfying to see it finished, and I wrap it up with a feeling of anticipation for the recipient. I hope this recipient, like all my customers, will be truly pleased with their package. And if they are not in any way, I want to hear about it. I really do!

shippingPackaging orders. A rare human view πŸ™‚

I hope you all had a rejuvenating weekend.

Happy Mother’s Day to my moms, both of you β™₯

7 Responses

  1. Eva

    Love your work Abby! I’ve been listening a lot to Alanis Morissette and Ingrid Michaelson lately.

    • abby

      thanks Eva! Will check them out. Has been ages since I’ve heard Alanis Morisette.

  2. Denise McArthur

    ha, we were just discussing going to see Milky Chance this summer at an outdoor venue. I also love David Gray… and i love your work Abby!

  3. coco

    I wish I had that much spiritually comforting time in my mind as well as you do.
    I kind of miss having my own peaceful moment, sewing, knitting, and creating other things I used to enjoy……..
    Enjoy the day of creation, abby. Thanks for your inspiration.

    • abby

      You seem to have your own inner peace Coco, which can be cultivated in so many ways. There will be time for it again.

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