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We are just coming out of a few days the likes of which we rarely experience here, ever – even in the height of summer. The temp topped out at 92 on April 30 and hovered in the 80s much of the time for the 2 days surrounding. To me, this is bodily bliss. I sometimes wonder if I should be living in Central America, or Hawaii, or somewhere this is more the norm. To wake up, throw on a linen sundress – the same linen sundress as the day before, slide into some sandals,  top my head with a sun hat and go…. such ease and simplicity. So light and lovely. Time slows down and life becomes gentler, even if all the details of the day remain the same.

The heat started to break this afternoon, and tonight the air and sky have shifted. The garden might be a little confused. The tomatoes, basil and squash went bonkers!

I feel so satisfied, and so ready for summer.



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  1. Denise

    me too – the heat felt so good!
    The clouds rolled in early this morning here what a difference they make.
    today, i am back to my usual layers 🙂

    • abby

      I was a little reluctant on the extra layers today, and spent half the day feeling cold, ha! It was such a treat while it lasted.

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