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The quiet on the blog is no doubt a direct reflection of the season upon us. We’ve been outside as much as possible these days, and while I feel a little bit behind on a lot of email communications and computer work I must say it feels pretty awesome to be working outside more. The days are packed, in all the ways I love.


I’m aiming to have a shop update in the near future, which will include some wood goods I’ve been working on. I’ve been carving and sanding whenever I have the chance, and have quite a little pile of things nearing completion. Recently, I added a few one of a kind bags to the shop. I’d love for you to check them out if you like! I have also been updating Meadow + Mark here and there, and will continue as time as allows. I’ve marked a few things on sale for spring there, too.


My garden is coming together, and the hoophouse is pretty well planted up. I think it’s probably time for some garden chat here soon. It’s been such a different year in the garden for me and I find myself looking back to previous years pretty often this week to see how things compare.


Before I sign off today, I have a tiny treat for anyone reading. With the coupon code DEARJUNE, save 15% off any order from the web shop. Valid through Friday, June 3.

I hope you all are well. Thanks for being here x

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  1. denise

    I’m liking those veggie bags!

    I can so relate to the lack of computer time lately, but with no regrets (except i think i owe you an email) as this time of year is meant for more hours spent out than in.

  2. Graece

    I LOVE your pictures…it’s fun to follow you around on a summer day this way:)
    Great blog!

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