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A little gift for you.




I made a fresh batch of our wood salve this week, and oiled our teak dining table to test the consistency. The difference after a fresh wood treatment is always so pleasing, and even still, a little bit surprising. The second image above shows an un-oiled portion of the table, and the next two images show a treated section after rubbing out the excess. After a treatment, the grain comes back alive and has such a beautiful depth in it’s sheen.


I’d like to share a 1 ounce tin of wood salve with two of you. Our salve is food safe and actually makes a great hand salve as well. It’s made with pure walnut oil, organic beeswax from our friends at Old Blue Natural Resources and an organic plant based preservative which I started adding to my formula with our kitchen jar in mind, which tends to get used more slowly than our general household and shop use. The oil conditions the wood fibers, while the wax provides protection that is natural and breathable.


You can use our salve to treat your wooden kitchen utensils, wooden bowls, cutting boards, drawer pulls and any other unfinished wood items that might need a little care from time to time. Simply leave a comment below before Monday Feb 22 and I will choose two winners at random early this coming week. The winners will receive a tin of wood salve and a natural fiber cloth for buffing with.


If you have a large lot of wood you’d like to care for, we also offer a 4 ounce jar in the shop, which unless you’re finishing large pieces of unfinished wood furniture, should last you quite a while.



Good luck! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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  1. Beth

    How kind and generous of you! I’ve actually been eyeballing your wood salve for a while, now. I have lots of thirsty wood in the kitchen?. And BTW, your new website is splendid! So inviting and easy to use.

  2. Heather

    This is one of my favorite things to always have on hand. I would love to try some of yours for all my wooden goods! Thank you for your kindness Abby! 🙂

  3. Eva

    Such a kind gesture! Actually something I’ve been needing for years but it’s a products thats kind of hard to find right here. So I always had to turn to less healthy options.

  4. Amber

    Fabulous! I have some cutting boards from red onion woodworks that could use some TLC!

  5. Olga

    I would love to try it! I was looking for something like that, plus it’s natural. 🙂

  6. JillB

    Loving your wood work, and it’s great to find more and more that we have options other than store bought chemical concoctions. That teak table is gorgeous!

  7. Candice Canuel

    You’re amazing. Can’t believe how may different talents you have! Love my new midnight tote by the way. And maybe this wood salve will finally inspire us to do our teak kitchen table…

  8. Dena

    A nice giveaway. I am sure it would wake up some tired wood products around here. I really like your new site and offerings. A wide variety of great products.

  9. Steven

    I refilled our inkjet printer (CISS) the other day which is next to our credenza. In the process I somehow spilled ink on our teak credenza!
    I had to run and grab a cloth and wipe up the spill and I was counting seconds going by that I was not wiping up the spill. Because of the salve the ink did not stain the teak. I was so relieved. It took a lot of work to refurbish that credenza plus it is huge to empty and move. All smiles here!

  10. Sharon

    My gorgeous handmade wooden utensils need some care. I’m so glad I found your treatment, good for ALL my wood! Thanks for the giveaway!

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