the thinker and the maker

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The Rucksack in dark olive will be appearing in the shop soon is now available here. I have had a couple of special requests for this bag already, and a few requests to see it in the shop. It’s always a fun surprise for me to see something new sewn up, even if it’s as simple as the same bag in a new color. And even though I am always sewing, I’m always excited to finish something new. Sometimes it feels like there is the part of me that is the thinker, and the part that is the maker, and when the maker makes something, the thinker is entertained. It’s a fun collaboration. And it never gets old! Can you relate to that?

I think the dark olive suits this bag really well. I have also imagined this bag in turquoise, pure hemp, and chocolate brown. If anyone has a color in mind that they would love to see, feel free to let me know.

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  1. kristina

    Don’t feel that you have to make one up in this color but—–one of the yellows in your shop?

    Loving my rucksack in hemp and olive (though this olive one is most tempting).

  2. Adri

    What kind of sewing machine do you have? Also, I think sea foam green color would be awesome!

  3. infusionfibers

    Kristina, I actually love the idea of yellow – and have one in mind that I am considering. Thanks for your thought! So glad you are loving your rucksack.

    Adri, thanks and I use a Juki.

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